4-bedroom Unit with 2 Ensuites ^ + Utility Room (with Lavatory)

a) The Vendor reserves the right to amend the building plans and other plans. The design of the Development is subject to the final building plans approved by the relevant government authorities.
b) This floor plan is a simplified version and is for reference only. Please refer to the sales brochure for the details of the layout.
c) The indications of fittings such as sinks, cooker hobs, bathtubs, toilet bowls, wash basins etc. shown on the floor plan are indications of their approximate locations only and not indications of their actual sizes, designs and shapes.
d) Residential floor of Tower 2 starts from 2/F. 4/F, 13/F, 14/F and 24/Fare omitted.
^ 4-Bedroom Unit with 2 Ensuites" means two of the bedrooms are ensuites.